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has been leading the world in manufacturing quality hot tubs since 1978, and we are devoted to contemporary industrial design in every form, from the simple functional features, to making the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. Our Beachcomber website is a changing environment at the center of our industry, focused on keeping prospective buyers informed of our contemporary culture. This website will demonstrate the integrity of our creativity found in every form of the Beachcomber design process, and its importance.
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Concrete Spas

  • Concrete Spas

    Concrete hot tubs have been popular in situations where they are connected to a swimming pool, running off the swimming pool equipment. They are a completely immoveable unit, and very expensive to build. They are made with a quick-adhering material called Gunite, a type of spray cement. They are constructed at the same time as the pool and usually inlaid with tiles, in the Roman Bath tradition. But for most homeowners, a concrete spa is simply out of the question. And considering they are permanent, there is no option for placement.

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Maintenance and using a traditional Concrete Spa.

Due to their large weight and material size, concrete spas require extensive internal and external supports to help prevent cracking and distortion. Concrete spas are also prone to cracking and corroding as the ground beneath them moves. Finally, concrete spas have surface contours that can be rough and they can stain/discolor easily. 

Concrete is a porous surface that can become a breeding ground for algae and other micro-bacteria.  As a result, it will require more extensive maintenance with periodic acid washing and even expensive re-plastering.  Concrete spas have relatively high maintenance costs and are much more expensive to operate due to the excessive chemical requirements and high energy demand to maintain heat.

One of the main reasons the spas that Beachcomber began building in the 1970’s proved so popular was due to their portability. That tradition of portability still exists today with your Beachcomber Hot Tub; if you move, your Beachcomber moves with you. This is not the case with a concrete spa – once it is built, it is a permanent fixture. 

Comfort is one of Beachcomber’s cornerstones for our clients.

Concrete Spas are more rough to the touch, unlike a Beachcomber Spa. Our spas are well known in the industry and amongst our customers for ultra-comfortable, multi-leveled seating that enhances the bathing experience.