Why Beachcomber: Attractive Design

Why Beachcomber: Attractive Design

Beachcomber Hot Tubs were designed to be timeless and classic. When we consider the longevity of our tubs, it is vital that the style of the tub is going to look well in your backyard long term. From the acrylic to the skirting, every aspect of a Beachcomber Hot Tub is created to compliment your home, last a lifetime, and create your own Private Outdoor Domain.

Cabinetry Skirting

The EnviroSkirt™ cabinetry is both high quality and complementary to your backyard design. The material is UV protected and full recyclable, made to be durable against the elements. Weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and crack-resistant – these skirtings bring your yard to the next level.

When choosing the cabinetry for your hot tub, there are two colour choices – walnut or ebony. Both colours compliment any style of backyard, making it an attractive addition to your home.

Most Beachcomber Hot Tub models come with vertical cabinetry, which is a simple, timeless look. The 700 Series models come with horizontal cabinetry, a sleek and modern design that elevates every backyard. Either choice enhances your home.


Hot Tub Lighting

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are designed with several lighting features that boost your backyard ambiance. From the Star Trail™ corner lighting to the Everlite™ lighting, a Beachcomber will illuminate your yard every night through its attractive design.

The Star Trail™ corner lighting is inspired by the night sky. These lights on the exterior corners of the hot tub elevate the design and safety of a Beachcomber. The Everlite™ underwater lighting allows you to set the mood for your soak, while the Crescent Moon™ lighting is integrated into the handgrips of the 700 series to cast a beautiful glow on the water.


Waterfall Features

The Roman Arch™ waterfall is a part of the design that brings an enhanced level of elegance to the hot tub. Alongside the calming sounds, the LED lighting of the waterfall improves the attractiveness of the hot tub design.

The Blade waterfall mimics the sound of natural flowing water and provides a gentle flow of water over your shoulders.


Acrylic Finish 

One of the most attractive parts of a Beachcomber’s design is the Acuralux™ Acrylic finish. With many different colours to choose from, you can really boost your backyard design and take it to the next level.


The attractive design of a Beachcomber Hot Tub is something that draws in many potential hot tub owners. When you combine the skirting, lighting, waterfall features, and acrylic you get a design that elevates your home.

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