Beachcomber FlexJets™ - Choosing the Perfect System

Beachcomber FlexJets™ - Choosing the Perfect System

One of the best things about owning a hot tub is the relaxing massage you get from the different jet options available. A question many people have is how to choose the correct jets for your hot tub when making the big purchase. Beachcomber Hot Tubs have numerous FlexJets™ to target all different parts of your body. Whether it’s a foot massage or a neck massage you are looking for, we have the perfect option for you!

Personalized Massage Therapy System

When you are purchasing your Beachcomber Hot Tub, you create your own FlexJet™ Massage Therapy System. The development of the jets brings together traditional massaging techniques of motion and pressure which allow for a deep and relaxing massage that can help relieve muscle aches and pains. When you design your Personalized Massage Therapy System, you can ensure you are targeting the parts of your body that you want to relieve.

Our different FlexJet™ options include:

  • Pulsator Neckjet – this targets pain and tension in the neck with a single pressurized stream.
  • Massage FlexJets™ - these 7-in-1 full motion jets penetrate deep into muscle tissues to melt away aches and pains.
  • Twin Roto FlexJets™ - these are double oscillating jets deliver a high-pressure massage to the tissue areas of your back.
  • Single Roto FlexJets™ - these deliver a high-pressure massage, targeting areas of your arms and palms.
  • Vortex FlexJets™ - with different size options, these easily adjustable single targeted pressurized stream jets provide deep massages to your legs.
  • Reflex Foot Massage – inspired by reflexology, these jets vigorously target your feet for a deep massage.



With all these options, making a choice can seem daunting. Depending on the hot tub model that you choose, you can add different numbers of jets. This makes it important to know exactly what muscles and pain points you want to target when you are purchasing your tub.


Once you have chosen your hot tub model, you get to choose from the above FlexJets™ options to fit throughout your hot tub. Whether you want a focused stream of water or a high-pressure massage, small jets or large, creating your dream hot tub is made easy with the customizable nature of a Beachcomber.


However, we do understand that it can be a tough choice to make and sometimes something doesn’t feel the way you wanted it to. That’s why we have the 30-day exchange – if you want to switch a jet for another intensity or direction, just reach out to your dealership or store and they will help you make the change!


Choosing the correct FlexJets™ for your hot tub doesn’t have to be overwhelming, let your salesperson know what you’re looking for and they will be able to advise and guide you in your decision.