Hot Tub Skincare Routine

Hot Tub Skincare Routine

You see them online and on the TV all the time. Trendy, new, perfectly packaged skincare brands and their latest items. But did you know that you had the next best thing for skincare sitting in your backyard? Yup! That’s right! Your Beachcomber Hot Tub is taking the skincare market by storm!

Hot tubs are very beneficial for your skincare so that you can maintain your beautiful and radiant glow! How does it work, you may ask? Well, due to the heat from the water opening up your pores, your skin will naturally let loose and breathe. Not to mention that when you feel your best, you look your best! Soak your way to clearer skin by remembering these tips!

1)    Take a quick rinse before you get into your Hot Tub!

This step is quite essential, and lots of people usually skip it! Many lotions, creams, deodorants and soaps build up on our skin throughout the day. A good rinse is always beneficial before a relaxing soak as it helps to keep your hot tub water well maintained and avoid the opposite effect of skin irritation!

2)    Get in and let the hot tub do its magic!

Once you have rinsed, it is time to relax into your hot tub! Feel the warmth of the water working on your skin, opening your pores, and releasing any tension you may be feeling. Simply, sit back, relax and let the hot tub do the hard work for you!

3)    Bring some water to stay hydrated!

Always bring some drinking water when you’re hot, tubbing! Often, throughout the day, it is easy to forget to hydrate. So, take this time to catch up on the hydration that you missed. Not only will your body replenish itself, but your skin will glow with radiance!

4)  Listen to your favourite podcast/music

Turn on your favourite podcast or music and start relaxing. Listening to music that you like boosts your mentality, so when you get out of the hot tub, you’ll be more relaxed and be in a much better state!

5)    Get out and shower off!

Sadly, we can’t relax forever, so once you feel ready to get out, try following your soaking ritual with a quick cold shower! Not only will this remove any dead skin cells, but this rinse will also close your pores after their detox and draw the blood back to your core organs, reinforcing your body’s immune system, as an added benefit.

6)    Pat dry! Don’t Rub!

You might want to dry off quickly, but remember always to pat instead of rub. This will help your skin stay silky smooth and flawless throughout the day and night, and prep your skin for moisturizing, while preventing skin irritation.

7)    Do a face mask!

As the heat of the water has opened your pores, why not take the liberty of doing a facemask to treat your skin! Using an exfoliating face scrub after your soak will offer further cleansing action.

8)    Moisturize!

The final step is to moisturize! It is always essential to put on some moisturizing lotion following your shower and hot tub soak! Immediate moisturizing will lock in the hydrating effects of the cream while your skin is at its most permeable. This way, your skin will stay its gorgeous self for longer!