How to Drain & Fill Your Beachcomber Hot Tub

How to Drain & Fill Your Beachcomber Hot Tub

Winter is on its way, and now is the perfect opportunity to give your hot tub a deep clean before a busy soaking season! Doing this now will help you get through the next 3-4 months without having to drain and fill your hot tub when you and your family want to hop in and enjoy the perfect summer oasis. It's also a great time to inspect your Beachcomber Hot Tub and its components for any signs of damage and wear. Making any necessary repairs and doing preventative maintenance will save you from having to do an emergency repair later.

We’ve created a step-by-step approach to help you get your hot tub ready for the busy season.

The Let Go - Easy as A, B, C

  • STEP A: Remove & Soak

To remove the filter, twist the trim ring counterclockwise to unlock it and remove it along with the floating weir assembly. Lift out the basket, and pull it out. Remove debris from the basket and rinse. Soak the filter in Beachcomber’s FILTER SOAK cleaner and when finished, rinse thoroughly with a spray nozzle to remove residue. Filter Soak is an environmentally friendly Ecologo® certified, one-shot, fast-acting, alkaline detergent cleaner, which removes organic contaminants and improves the performance of your filter. For best results use in conjunction with a FILTER CLEANING CANISTER™.

  • STEP B: Cleanse & Neutralize

Before draining your hot tub, simply add Beachcomber’s PIPE CLEANSE™  to your hot tub water and let the product circulate for at least 12 hours. This product flushes out an amazing amount of biofilm and bather waste from pipes, leaving a cleaner hot tub for a better experience. Test water for any sanitizer level and if present add NEUTRALIZER™as directed to allow for environmentally safe dumping of water.

Product Overvie

Pipe Cleanse is a very effective pipe cleaner that is formulated to loosen and dislodge biofilm deposits deep in the internal water lines of your hot tub just before draining. For best results, follow the directions on the label. Neutralizer completely neutralizes active chlorine or bromine in hot tub water, making it safe and environmentally friendly to drain. It is concentrated and will instantly neutralize, or reduce your sanitizer level. Always, follow the directions on the label.

  • STEP C: Drain & Clean

Turn the power off at the breaker or power disconnect switch. Locate the black DRAIN & FILL valve, found inside behind the door on a portable LEEP™ model or under the step on the HYBRID4® Edition. Remove the safety cap from the fitting threaded into the valve. Attach the female end of your garden hose and place the other end at a level lower than the DRAIN & FILL valve to ensure complete draining. To open, turn the outer part of the DRAIN & FILL valve counterclockwise to open and start the draining. Draining time will vary from model to model.

Once the hot tub is drained and empty, disconnect the garden hose and close the valve. While the water is draining is the perfect opportunity to protect your Beachcomber HEATSHIELD with COVER CARE™. Prepare exterior cover surface by cleaning dirt and grime off with a mixture of warm water and a very mild detergent, using a soft cloth. Thoroughly rinse and allow to dry. Spray Cover Care generously over the entire exterior cover surface until wet. Wait 30 seconds, then wipe dry and buff with a clean absorbent cloth, removing any excess. Reapply Cover Care at least once a month to ensure optimal protection.

Rinse well with fresh water making sure the DRAIN & FILL valve of the hot tub is still open so that residue drains out. This helps to rid the hot tub of any contaminants that have ended up in the low-lying plumbing lines.

Product Overview

Cover Care is a concentrated, EcoLogo® certified, liquid revitalizer and UV protectant that is ideal for all types of hot tub covers, as well as vinyl products around the home, including patio furniture and vinyl on vehicles. TUB CLEAN™is a fast-acting, EcoLogo® certified, non-abrasive biodegradable surface cleaner for the removal of scum lines and grease build-up on hot tub surfaces as well as many other sensitive home and auto applications. HOT TUB CHAMOIS™  is the fastest, safest way to a streak-free clean hot tub. This super-absorbent, non-abrasive, ultra-soft cleaning tool will make your hot tub shine like new.

The Get Go - Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • STEP 1: Fill & Eliminate

Close the DRAIN & FILL valve. Using the FRESH FILL™ pre-filter attached to your garden hose start filling up the hot tub. Once hot tub water is up past the skimmer, you are now safe to turn on the power. After the hot tub is circulating with all bubbles out of the lines, add ELIMINATE™ to protect your hot tub from corrosion.

Product Overview

Fresh Fill hot tub pre-filter easily connects to your garden hose and works with all hot tubs. It utilizes food-grade activated carbon and proprietary filtration media for the removal of metals, volatile organic compounds and suspended solids before they reach your hot tub. Eliminate is a liquid concentrate formulated to prevent and inhibit corrosion on hot tub surfaces, fixtures, and equipment. Add an entire 500 mL bottle at every hot tub start-up.

  • STEP 2: Accessorize & Heat

This is the perfect time to replace your hot tub accessories such as FILTER SAVERS™ and HYDRO MOP™and turn up the heat so you and your family can be soaking away blissfully in a few short hours.

Product Overview

Hydro Mop absorbs unwanted oils and residue from your hot tub water to ensure optimal water clarity and keep water lines clean. Filter Savers are made from a fine nylon material that traps leaves and debris which reduces maintenance and extends the life of your MICROFILTER™.

  • STEP 3: Test & Balance

Nothing is more important than testing your hot tub water and ensuring everything is perfectly balanced for bather comfort and water care product efficiency.

Product Overview

TEST STRIPS™  are the fastest and easiest way to test your hot tub. You should test at least 2 times per week and after each use. RESIST™ helps water to resist changes in pH and increases the total alkalinity of hot tub water to prevent pH fluctuations. Maintain a proper Total Alkalinity (TA) level of 100 – 120 ppm. PROTECT™ helps protect hot tub equipment and parts from etching by increasing the calcium level of hot tub water. Maintain a proper calcium hardness (CH) level of 150 – 200 ppm. pH PLUS™ effective for minor pH increases in hot tub water to prevent corrosion and eye/skin irritation and to increase sanitizer efficiency. Before adjusting pH, ensure your Total Alkalinity is balanced. Maintain a proper (pH) level of 7.2 – 7.8. pH MINUS™ effective for minor pH decreases of hot tub water to prevent scaling, cloudy water and eye/skin irritation and increases sanitizer efficiency.


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