Starting Up Your Hot Tub

Starting Up Your Hot Tub

Below is our step-by-step guide for starting up a new Beachcomber Hot Tub. When your hot tub is delivered, you have the option to have a qualified technician from our team complete a wet start of your spa, that includes filling and balancing the water. If you are interested in this option, please speak to your local dealer or a member of the Beachcomber team as you complete your hot tub purchase.


STEP 1: Fill & Condition

  • Ensure the Drain & Fill valve is closed, and the Guillotine valves are open. Please consult your Owner’s Guide if you have any issue identifying these components.
  • Attach FRESH FILL™ pre-filter to your garden hose and begin filling up your hot tub.
  • Once hot tub water is up past the skimmer, you can now turn on the power at the GFCI.
  • Turn on FLEXJET™ Pump and open-air control dials to purge any air out of lines.
  • After this, add ELIMINATE™ to protect your hot tub from corrosion and mineral build-up.
  • Then add a weekly dose of ELIMINATE PLUS™ to sequester metals and prevent staining, PUREZYME™ to prevent scum build-up and PURE BLUE™ to prevent cloudy water; or add a dose of CARE FREE which is Beachcomber’s weekly 4-in-1 conditioner.

Product Details:

FRESH FILL™ hot tub pre-filter easily connects to your garden hose and works with all hot tubs, to help remove metals, volatile organic compounds and suspended solids before they reach your hot tub.  

ELIMINATE™ is a liquid concentrate formulated to prevent corrosion on hot tub surfaces, fixtures, and equipment. Add an entire 500 mL bottle at every hot tub start-up.

ELIMINATE PLUS™ is formulated to prevent stains and calcium scale in hot tubs and improves water clarity by sequestering metals. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.

PUREZYME™ is a natural microbial enzyme formulated to eliminate scum, reduce odours, and improve water clarity and sanitizer efficiency by disrupting biofilm formation and accumulation. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.

PURE BLUE™ is a highly concentrated, liquid clarifier formulated to clear cloudy hot tub water and restore its sparkle. It is designed to coagulate suspended micro-particles to form masses large enough to be removed efficiently by the Microfilter™. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.

CARE FREE is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. CARE FREE is a 4-in-1 weekly water care system that replaces traditional water conditioners such as sequestering agents, oxidizers, biofilm disruptors and clarifiers. It is designed to use in conjunction with the CARE FREE BOOST™ sanitizer.


STEP 2: Heat & Accessorize

  • The best time to start heating your water for the first time is in the evening. This allows the conditioning products the time they need to work their magic overnight.
  • Once your hot tub is running and circulating it is the perfect time to add or replace hot tub accessories such as FILTER SAVERS and HYDRO MOP and turn up the heat so you and your family can soak blissfully in a few short hours.
  • The hot tub will begin to heat to your pre-set temperature or 100F (38° C) as a factory pre-set temperature. For extra comfortable, smooth water, add a dose of SOFT to your water.

Product Details:

HYDROMOP™ absorbs unwanted oils and residue from your hot tub water to ensure optimal water clarity and keep water lines clean.

FILTER SAVERS are made from a fine nylon material which traps leaves and debris which reduces maintenance and extends the life of your hot tub.

SOFT™ is a universal water enhancer that improves water quality and helps stabilize pH levels.  Soft is blended from natural occurring borate salts and is an excellent skin moisturizer, especially for those who suffer from dry skin conditions. Add before each use or weekly as desired.


STEP 3: Balance & Sanitize

Nothing is more important that testing your hot tub water and ensuring everything is perfectly balanced for bather comfort, water care product efficiency and hot tub equipment longevity.

  • Use your Beachcomber test strips to determine your water care balance requirements.
  • Add your Sanitizer/Oxidizer (Cl) or (Br) – 3 - 5 ppm – Use a Beachcomber BOOST or BLAST product.
  • Refer to the sanitizer/oxidizer program that you are using for your hot tub, treat the water by distributing your oxidizer directly into the circulating heated water, and wait 15 minutes for the relaxation to commence.


Step 4: ENJOY! 

Make use of the following products to continue enjoying the best use out of your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

Product Details:

TEST STRIPS are the fastest and easiest way to test your hot tub. You should test at least 2 times per week and after each use.

RESIST™ helps water to resist changes in pH, and increases the total alkalinity of hot tub water to prevent pH fluctuations. Maintain a proper Total Alkalinity (TA) level of 100 – 120 ppm.

PROTECT™ helps protect hot tub equipment and parts from etching by increasing the calcium level of hot tub water. Maintain a proper calcium hardness (CH) level of 150 – 200 ppm

pH PLUS is effective for minor pH increases of hot tub water to prevent corrosion and eye/skin irritation and increase sanitizer efficiency. Before adjusting pH, ensure your Total Alkalinity is balanced. Maintain a proper (pH) level of 7.2 – 7.8.

 pH MINUS is effective for minor pH decreases of hot tub water to prevent scaling, cloudy water and eye/skin irritation and increases sanitizer efficiency. Before adjusting pH, ensure your Total Alkalinity is balanced. Maintain a proper (pH) level of 7.2 – 7.8