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An Energy-efficient and
Environmentally-friendly company

We could all use a little extra energy. This is why so many people love Beachcomber Hot Tubs – the hydrotherapeutic jets give us that little boost when we need it most. But most people only want to use the absolute minimum energy that's required, which is why we take key measures to ensure maximum massage jetting therapy, proper insulation and low energy consumption for low-cost operation. The end result – maximum warmth with minimum energy.

Beachcomber also develops and uses ecologically-friendly products, embracing natural enzymes to treat hot tub water. Our proprietary Care Free System is an easy to use program, requiring fewer products, less maintenance, and less demand on nature’s resources.

What affects energy consumption of a hot tub?

About 75% of the total hot tub energy consumption is used to heat or maintain water temperature

Heat from the hot tub transfers to the cool air in the environment. The warmer the water temperature or the cooler the air temperature, the more energy is consumed. Beachcomber is focused on maximizing insulation to retain heat, and prevent loss of heat – making Beachcomber Hot Tubs one of the most energy-efficient hot tubs for all seasons.

Frequency of HOT TUB Usage

Using a hot tub frequently notably increases energy consumption because of the increased heat loss through the surface of the water when the cover is off. To optimize energy consumption even during usage, Beachcomber uses the most energy efficient pumps and heating technology.

Frequency and duration of filter cycles

This consumes 20-25% of total hot tub energy consumption. Minimizing filter cycle frequency and duration will reduce overall energy consumption. The Energy Saver Management System allows you the flexibility to adjust your heating modes to reduce power usage and optimize filter cycles, while the 24/7 Hush Pump System™ which is dedicated to self-cleaning and filtration, keeps your hot tub water warm, clean, and clear with extremely low energy consumption.

Energy Efficiency

what makes beachcomber hot tubs
so energy-efficient?

Leaders in Energy-Efficient Portables

The following features are integral to all Beachcomber LEEP™ models and distinguishes the energy-efficient Beachcomber LEEP™hot tub from other hot tubs on the market.

  1. The Beachcomber Free 100-Day In-Home Trial
  2. Beachcomber Guarantee
  3. Ul-Certified Heatshield™ Cover Upgrade
  4. Britewerx Trim™
  5. Flexjet™ Customization
  6. All-Motion Hydrotherapy
  7. Body Contoured Ergonomic Design
  8. All-Active Seating
  9. Everlite™ Led Mood Lighting
  10. Energy Saver Eco-Pak System
  11. Eco3wall™ 100% Foam Filled Insulation Package
  12. Perma-Seal Foundation

HYBRID4® saves you 33% more energy

HYBRID4® is Beachcomber’s patented energy-saving technology. Multiple tests have been conducted to result in the more energy-efficient Beachcomber HYBRID4® that saves up to 33% more energy versus industry standard portables. The HYBRID4® includes all LEEP™ features, and boasts an additional 4 key features:

  1. Hush Pump™ System
  2. All-Weather SafeAxiss™ Steps
  3. Cab-Forward Engineered Pak
  4. Eco4WALL™ Foam-filled Insulation Upgrade

Our Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Beachcomber Energy Testing Chamber

Our Research and Development Team uses an energy efficiency testing chamber to ensure continuous improvements are made to maximize the energy efficiency of your hot tub and keep your operating costs low. The Beachcomber Energy Testing Chamber is ANAB certified and carries the ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation as it relates to the specifications, standards, and testing techniques of ANSI/ APSP/ ICC-14.

Find out the monthly energy costs of owning a Beachcomber Hot Tub

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Energy consumption may vary significantly with ambient environmental temperature, frequency of use, filtration settings and the use of other hot tub features including temperature controls, circulating jets, and waterfalls.

Test procedures and data collection is based on the test method for Portable Electric Spas stipulated in Section 1604, Title 20, California Code of Regulations, amended on December 3, 2008. CEC testing parameters require that all units listed are tested in a third party or CEC approved laboratory, under a controlled environment with an ambient air temperature of 60(15.6 ℃)±313℉ and hot tub water temperature of 102(38.9 ℃)±213℉, with the hot tub cover on for a continuous 72 hours, and in compliance with ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2011 and IAPMO filtration and water turnover requirements.

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