Beachcomber Hot Tub Accessories

Will the SAFE AXISS tiered step fit on an older Beachcomber tub?
The tiered HYBRID4 step will fit any tub that was manufactured after and including year 2000.
How long should my Heatshield Cover last?
Your Beachcomber Heatshield Cover should last from 4 to 8 years, depending on the weather, snow load, local conditions, usage and many other factors. Ensure that there are no extra loads on your hot tub Heatshield, like a sleeping dog, or other weight...
What are the dimensions of the Cover Cap?
Dimensions are such to fit up to an 89" x 89" hot tub. The cover cap has a drawstring so the size can be "drawn" down making this cover cap an excellent choice for an 80" x 88" hot tub or smaller.
What is the ETA for an in-stock Heatshield Cover ordered on-line?
3-7 business days.
What is the ETA for a custom Heatshield Cover ordered on-line?
6-8 weeks.
I can't find the part I'm looking for on your on-line store?
This item is not currently available through our online store. This item is available for order through your local Beachcomber retail partner. To find the store nearest you, please click the following link
What is the actual R value for the Beachcomber HEATSHIELD hot tub cover?
The R-value (measure of resistance to the flow of heat) noted for our Beachcomber HEATSHIELD hot tub cover is up to R14.14 per inch.
What is the radius of the Heatshield.
Our heatshield is comprised of two foam inners for foldability. Each inner has two corners - each corner is trimmed at a 6" radius.
What is the weight of the 89" x 89" Heatshield cover?
49 LBS
What is the weight of the 80" x 88" Heatshield cover?
43 LBS
What is the weight of the 70" x 86" Heatshield cover?
39 LBS
What is the weight of the 57" x 75" Heatshield cover?
30 LBS
What is the weight of the 78" round Heatshield cover?
33 LBS
How much clearance does my hot tub cover need?
Allow 44 - 50" clearance from the top of your hot tub.
How much clearance is required for the Lift N Store cover lifter?
Suggest 6" on each side of the tub where the lift is mounted. This Lifter requires 24" clearance at the back of the tub as that is where the cover will be he stored while your hot tub is in use.
How does the Slide 'n Store Extreme work and how much clearance is required?
The steel plate base of the Slide 'n Store Extreme simply fits under your Beachcomber hot tub. No extra ground space is required but this lifter does require 34" minimum (87cm) clearance for the cover as it drops down and is held at the back of your ...
What are the main differences between Lift 'n Store, and Slide 'n Store Plus?
Both require 24" clearance and are guaranteed 2 years. Lift 'n Store has a cantilever lift design and is our original cover lifter - a great simple and convenient entry level lifter/ guaranteed 2 years. Slide 'n Store Plus is equipped with a gas strut...
What are the main differences between Lift 'n Store and AIRLIFT cover lifters?
Lift 'n Store 24"requires 6" clearance. AIRLIFT only requires 9" clearance. Lift 'n Store is lightweight and is often referrred to as our entry level cover lifter. AIRLIFT utilizes gas shock assisted hydraulic springs for easy and light lifting
What are the main differences between Lift 'n Store Plus, and AIRLIFT cover lifters?
Lift 'n Store Plus requires 6" clearance/ 1 year guarantee. AIRLIFT requires 9" clearance/ guaranteed 2 years.
Which cover lifter works for the circular 320?
Slide 'n Store Extreme 9901196 - compatible with all Beachcomber hot tub covers
Airlift 9901207 - compatible with most Beachcomber hot tub covers including 007 with modification, excluding 320/ 321
Lift 'n Store 99AA002 - compatible with most Beachcomber...
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