How to Maintain Your Beachcomber

I have an FL/FLO on my display and nothing is running?

If you have a tub serial number starting with D,E or F your Flow switch is stuck. Bang on it with screwdriver handle. If you have a tub serial number starting with a 3, 4, A,B,or C your pressure switch is stuck . Replace the switch

Why is my hush pump shutting off when it’s supposed to be running 24/7?

You have reduced your set temperature by more than 3 degrees below current water temp. Reduce in 2 degrees increments. Extreme outdooor temperature on tub is allowing Hush pump to heat weater. Prop up corner of cover to release excess heat.


These are heating Modes. Economy means the heater has only two 2 hour windows to come on per day. The windows can be increaesed by increasing the filter times.


Sleep Mode means the heater will stay off until water temperature falls to 20 °F/10°C below set temperature.

Why is there water leaking out of the air intake?

You have loose or missing jets in your tub and the water is backing up into the air intake system. Replace missing jets or on older tubs tighten jets or replace orings and or back gaskets.

Why are my 700 Series topside control panel buttons not lit up at night anymore?

The panel button back lighting bulbs have burnt out. They need to be replaced.

How do I properly winterize my hot tub?

Drain tub as normal, remove plumbing assembly from jet pump return line and heater inlet g blow air into these lines with a shop vac . Then removes water that comes out. Pour some RV anti freeze into floor drain and secure Heatsield on tub.

Will the SAFE AXISS tiered step fit on an older Beachcomber tub?

The Tiered step will fit any tub that was manufactured after and including year 2000

How often do you drain your tub?

With an average use of 2 people 3 to 4 times a week every 4 months. Decrease interval with more bathers or more frequent use.

Do I drain the tub when I go on vacation or keep it running?

If the vacation is less than a month and the threat of power outage is low then its best to keep running. If you have a 2006 or newer tub put the heater into sleep mode to reduce power and chemical consumption.

How many hours do I set my filter cycles to?

If your tub has the Hush pump, filter cycles are heater on times in Economy and Sleep mode not filter cycles. On non Hush tubs leave the default of 2 hours twice a day. If a non Hush tub has heavy use increase the hours to 4 hours twice a day.

How long does it take to heat my tub to set temperature after draining?

It will depend on the fill water temperature but you can expect 5 °F/2 °C of heat rise per hour on a 220 volt system. If you have a 110 volt system expect a 2 °F 1°C per hour.

What do I use to clean the acrylic surface?

Beachcomber recommends TUB CLEAN followed by thorough wipe down with a clean damp cloth or chamois

What does the O3 on my 700 Series topside display mean?

O3 indicates that the Hot tub has an ozone generator. It does mean that the ozone generator is working though. Operation of the ozone generator will need to be confirmed on the unit itself. Look for a purple glow in the view window of the unit.

Why is my heat light blinking?

2005 and older tubs means water temperature is more than 2 degrees above set temperature on 2006 and newer the tub is in a 90 second heater temperature check mode. Heat light will return to solid if water flow through theater is normal.

How much does it cost to run my Beachcomber per month?

Tub use rate and ambient temperature and Kw hour charges will have a large efffect on cost to operate but less than a dollar a day is normal.

What type of base should my new tub sit on?

A level concrete slab is best but a surface you can use interlocking pavers or 12 x12 concrete slabs on a screeted sand base. The Hybrid edition equipment area should be the same level as the hot tub.

How do I remove my Flexjets?

Turn counterclockwise until a slight resistance is felt then keep turning until the jet pops out or unscrews.

How do I clean my filters?

Put tub on stand by or turn off breaker, remove and hose off bi-weekly. Remove and soak in FILTER SOAK then hose off very throughly. Use two filters and alternate them.

What options can I add to my hot tub?

If UV ready, Cleartech can be added anytime. If ozone ready, ozone can be added anytime. Most Standard grey jets can be changed to Britewerx jets.

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