I have a white bio-film almost like a skin on my water. What is it and how do I treat it?

This condition is a type of bio-film build-up in the pipes presenting as a white film or flakes. Generally caused by lack of maintenance. Draining may be required more than once depending on the severity of the problem. Step 1 - Shock the Tub and circulate for 24 hours starting the system on high speed (massage pump button) (15 min) with all Flexjets on and air controls open. Return to high speed as often as possible within the 24 hrs. Remove Microfilter and discard or soak using Beachcomber's Cleaning Canister. Step 2 - Drain Proccedure using Pipe Cleanse to clean out lines and remove excess debris. Follow instructions as per label and run for 48 hrs rather than 24 hrs. Use Tub Clean - wipe down entire tub really well. Step 3 - Clean and Fill. Repeat if necessary. Step 4 Shock hot tub water with 3 caps of a Boost or Blast product.

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