Ordering from Beachcomber Hot Tubs

How do I check my order status?
To check the status of your order, please sign in to your account or contact us.
What do I do if my order arrives broken or damaged?
If possible, refuse delivery of the broken or damaged items and call us right away for us to assist on resending a new package. Items should be inspected thoroughly at the time of delivery.
Can I trade in my Beachcomber Hot Tub?
Most Beachcomber stores have a trade in program that allows you to upgrade your hot tub. No matter when you purchase your hot tub, you can rest assured that you get the very latest technology built right in. But things to change and evolve, and if you...
Can I pick up my hot tub from Beachcomber Factory directly?
YES! Beachcomber is happy to load your hot tub for you Monday - Friday hours of 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM - NO exceptions. Factory address is 13245 Comber Way, Surrey, BC. Important Notes: Customer must have a trailer or flatdeck large enough to accommodate ...
If I order a Beachcomber hot tub online, can I customize options?
No. Customizations are available for a fee and are only available through a Beachcomber dealership
Has COVID-19 affected the quality of Beachcomber hot tubs being built?
No. Beachcomber is committed to building the highest standard quality of tubs in our industry. We will not build with sub-standard parts that may be more readily available.
Can an extended guarantee be transferred to another buyer?
YES. Please find out the serial number of the hot tub you plan to purchase so we check the guarantee status. We have two guarantees = 2 year standard, and 5 year extended.
Tell me about delivery if I order direct from Beachcomber.
Curbside delivery is available and should be negotiated at the time of your purchase. Our 5 Star Delivery placement and Wet Start service is available to some addresses.
How does your Flex Jet exchange work?
If you purchased from an independent Beachcomber dealership please reach out to them directly. If not, let us know who you purchased from as that will determine who will do the exchange for you.
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