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Beachcomber Hot Tubs Abbotsford

Beachcomber Hot Tubs Factory Outlet, servicing the entire Abbotsford area, is located in Surrey and offer the best and most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. We offer all 20 of Beachcomber's signature hot tub models. Our service technicians are the best in the world and are the most qualified to fix our tubs.

Our tub's are the best in the world. They're built ergonomically and come with the best energy efficient rating in the world.

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Beachcomber Hot Tubs Abbotsford


Beachcomber is proud of being an environmentally friendly company; we build all of our hot tubs with energy saving in mind. An independent study conducted by the California Energy Commission through the Cal Poly University Engineering Department found that our competitors’ hot tubs used up to 57% more energy than an equivalent sized Beachcomber hot tub with the same water volume.