Limited editions hot tubs Limited editions hot tubs

featuring the 720 ae with Sound so Sensational, You Feel the Music...Literally

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Why Beachcomber?

Beachcomber Hot Tubs® is a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer based in Surrey, BC, and has been handcrafting hot tubs of the absolute finest quality, best value, and unparalleled comfort since 1978

Limited editions hot tubs


Over 50 different precision and performance tests are conducted to ensure the finest construction quality on every hot tub.

Limited editions hot tubs


From the hand sculpted hand grips to the deep bucket seat design, Beachcomber Hot Tubs offers unparalleled comfort and an ergonomic design for your body.

Limited editions hot tubs

Price, value & longevity

Our hot tubs are designed and priced for everyone – get the same uncompromised quality, value and longevity across all hot tub models, regardless of the price points.

2020 anniversary editions

Get a sound deal with these special features on our exclusive 2020 Anniversary Edition Series.

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