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Smart Hot Tubs for our times.

As an industry leader in customer experience and leading-edge technology, Beachcomber stays ahead of the times by integrating smart technology into our hot tub lineup to elevate your hot tub experience. From giving you the power to control your hot tub through your smart device or with voice commands, to the easy water care app, to advanced internal energy-saving technology, to the high-fidelity sound system, and to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity - relaxing in a Beachcomber Hot Tub now is even more effortless.

Leading-edge technology


BIC-e System

Beachcomber Improving Customer Experience

As part of Beachcomber’s commitment to improving customers’ experiences, we developed the BIC-e System which consists of a mobile app and EasyTouch™ Smart Control - making it easy to control and program all the functions and features of your hot tub directly from your smart device.

Bic-e system : mobile app

The new mobile app that transforms your smartphone into the ultimate mobile remote control for your hot tub. Even when you are away from home, effortlessly control and review your water care settings, filtration cycles, water temperature and power-saving heating modes, turn on and off massage jets, and adjust waterfall effects and LED lighting - we make it easy to interact intuitively with your hot tub. Push notifications always keep you informed of the status of your hot tub, even when your app is not open.

EasyTouch™ Smart Control

The EasyTouch™ Smart Control is the new state-of-the-art touchscreen control panel, for the ultimate hot tub experience. At the touch of your fingertips, fully personalize your hot tub experience through the EasyTouch™ Smart Control touchscreen accessible from the topside panel.

Quintessential Surround Sound System (QSSS)

The QSSS transforms the hot tub into your very own acoustic sound studio to amplify your favourite playlists. The resonating option for audiophiles - the QSSS 4.1 option, boasts four audio transducers and a deep bass subwoofer that set the stage for an immersive multi-sensory experience.

Wirelessly connect your smart device to the EasyTouch™ Smart Control with Air Connect™ Bluetooth technology for more control and ease of use.

“Alexa / Hey Google...”

Do you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home device set up at home? The EasyTouch™ Smart Control now talks to Google Home and Amazon Alexa! Now you can use voice commands to control your Beachcomber Hot Tub - simply sync your smartphone or tablet with our mobile app to control your hot tub features and settings. Controlling your hot tub features cannot get any easier than with the power of your voice.

Beachcomber Water Care Technology

Beachcomber Water Care mobile app

Our complementary Beachcomber Water Care mobile app is the smart and hassle-free way to test your hot tub water for pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, and total hardness - making it easy to maintain clean, beautiful hot tub water!

With the Beachcomber Water Test Strips, the Beachcomber Water Care app transforms your smartphone into a water test strip analyzer - test your hot tub water to see if your hot tub water is safe, comfortable and ready to use in just 15 seconds. Get test results with recommendations for Water Care products you need and and know exactly how much to add - to perfectly balance your hot tub water. It’s that simple - watch the video to see how easy it is to use the app!

A Simple Solution for Beautiful Water

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tecHnology inspired by the sun


Beachcomber's ClearTech Sterilization System™ is a new sun-inspired technology that harnesses the power of UVC light, sterilizing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your hot tub water. It utlilizes the same blue UVC light used in hospital settings by doctors and hospital staff, food preparations facilities and water treatment plants responsible for supplying water to households across North America.

When the water is exposed to the special light, it oxidizes inorganic compounds and reduces chlorine/bromine consumption. It lowers overall Total dissolved solids (TDS) which is a reference for high-quality water, by reducing the amount of chlorine/bromine added to a hot tub. The ClearTech Sterilization System™ is silent and efficient with low maintenance, and it produces no chemical byproducts.

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