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Non-Stop Entertainment

We know how to keep the good times flowing. With integrated features such as the Quintessential Surround Sound System with Air ConnectTM Bluetooth technology, and large drink trays and holders - it’s easy to transform your hot tub into a dream vacation or instant backyard party that everyone would enjoy.



Wirelessly connect to your smartphone using the Air Connect Bluetooth technology and keep your favourite music playing
- without ever having to leave your hot tub.

Quintessential Surround Sound System (QSSS)
Setting the bar in the hot tub industry with its multi-sensory immersive sound experience, the Quintessential Surround Sound System (QSSS) synthesizes liquid sound technology with vibrational sound healing and hydrotherapy. Amplify your favorite playlist through the hot tub shell turned acoustic 360° sound studio.
Quintessential Surround Sound System 4.1
Transform your Beachcomber Hot Tub into your very own concert hall with the QSSS4.1. Set the stage with four BeachPlay audio transducers for an immersive multi-sensory sound experience, and a deep bass subwoofer which synthesizes liquid sound technology into music you can feel. A resonating option for audiophiles who want full control, take your hot tub experience to the next level.
ENHANCED AUDIO CONTROL with the easytouch™ smart AUDIO control
Look ma, no buttons! With the EasyTouch™ Smart Audio Control, access your audio controls easily from the touchscreen and get the party started - all while you soak.


Large Microfilter Drink Tray
Relaxing in your hot tub with the bubbling jets, to the sound of your favourite song, while enjoying a refreshing beverage - now everyone can experience this pure hot tub bliss. There is plenty of room for your family and friends, and their beverage of choice on this large and wide level area. This functional and large drink tray in the corner holds beverages, snacks and other important items, and doubles as the cover for the self-cleaning Microfilter™.
Corner Drink Holders
A simple and convenient corner drink holder is also thoughtfully built into the corners of the hot tub, making your beverage even more accessible. A round indentation is inset directly into the mold and slightly angled towards the interior of the hot tub, allowing for any water condensation to drain inwards.

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