A Hot Tub Holiday Season

Lights are twinkling and the air is cold – the holiday season is finally here! It’s fair to say that for most people, December is the most wonderful time of the year. Snowy weather, hot chocolate, and cozy nights by the tv – what more could you want? How about bringing people together with a soak in a Beachcomber Hot Tub?  


For some people, this time of the year can be difficult. That’s where a Beachcomber comes in. Helping you escape the cold, stress, and hecticness of December with as little as a 30-minute soak. Whether you start your day in the warm waters of a Beachcomber, or use it to wind down before sleep, there are many benefits.


  1. Relaxation

At the end of a long, cold day, sometimes all you want is to relax and take a step back. For some, this happens with a novel or a tv show, but for others it comes in the form of a warm soak. With jets to massage the tension out of your muscles, it’s the perfect place to wash the day away. Switch off from the world, put your phone away, and let your mind calm before bed.


  1. Socialization

A Beachcomber Hot Tub is a great place to bring people together and have some distraction free time. A space to open conversations, put technology and social media away, and connect with the people you love. During the holiday season, we can often see more family and friends than normal, so having somewhere for everyone to gather is essential.


  1. Health and Wellness

The many health and wellness benefits of a hot tub soak can make your holiday season a much more relaxing experience. A 15-minute soak can take away your stress, deepen your sleep, and even let you get some exercise in. It’s easy to get lost in the chaos of the season, so using your Beachcomber helps ease the mental and physical burden.


Ensuring your hot tub is prepared for this busy month is vital! With increased use and more people around, ensuring your microfilter is refreshed and working should be high priority. Preserve your clean & clear water with Beachcomber's Microfilter Kit! This kit contains a microfilter and everything you need to keep your microfilter clean for a better filtration performance and water clarity. Perfect for ensuring your hot tub is ready for use. This month only, get a free Beachcomber toque when you purchase a Microfilter Pro Kit!

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