Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

A hot tub is an investment that can last a lifetime. Whether it’s out your backyard to be used every day or in your cabin for weekend getaways, it is important to frequently maintain and care for your tub. Staying on top of water maintenance as well as replacing parts is essential to prolong your hot tubs life. Understand what your hot tub needs and adopt some, or all, of the following into your hot tub preservation routine!  

Water Care

Managing the quality of your water is a top priority for extending your hot tubs life. If your water is not treated effectively, it can damage parts of your hot tub. This can result in greater costs of maintenance over time or can decrease your hot tubs life span.

The Care Free™ Tote is the perfect water treatment system for those who want to take the stress out of water maintenance. This collection of products does everything from sanitizing and enhancing the water in your hot tub to protecting its parts from etching. Having clean and clear water is a necessary step in looking after your hot tub.

Parts Maintenance

When you regularly check and replace your hot tub parts, you are ensuring it will run smoothly year after year. Keep an eye on your filters, tubes, and controls to guarantee a longer life. When you pair water care with part maintenance, you have the recipe for a long-lasting hot tub. Why not add in the Premium Extended Guarantee for ease of mind. 


A Heatshield™ Cover goes hand in hand with prolonging your hot tubs life. Between protecting the hot tub from the harsh elements and preventing debris from landing in your water, it’s the perfect investment for hot tub longevity. A bonus is that it traps in heat, reducing energy costs!

Drain and Fill

It is recommended that you should drain and fill your hot tub at least 2 – 4 times a year. Changing your water helps keep it balanced while preventing corrosion on your hot tub. The Drain & Fill Tote makes this process easy. With products to clean every aspect of your tub from the cover to the filter, this programme is an all-rounder for overall hot tub maintenance.

Create a routine that promotes the longevity of your hot tub by incorporating the above steps. When you add a Beachcomber Hot Tub to your home, you are introducing a place to escape, connect, and focus on your health. Whether you are using it to exercise, wind down before bed, or simply to escape the day to day, make the most of your hot tub with a solid maintenance routine.

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