How To Upgrade Your Hot Tub

How To Upgrade Your Hot Tub

With all the hot tub models available on the market, selecting the right option takes time, thought, and a lot of back-and-forth as you weigh what’s available, and what’s really right for you. What you might not realize is that the hot tubs you see in the showroom floor don’t always tell the full story. At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we offer a line-up of 20 models, from our executive SLB range to our more affordable 300 series hot tubs. But that doesn’t mean you just have 20 options to choose from though. Just like when you enter a car dealership, once you decide on the right model, it’s time to tailor-make your hot tub so that it’s perfect for you! Some of these choices are easier than others. Choosing the acrylic colour you like and the hot tub cabinetry for instance. But some other options will cost you extra, which means it’s time to weigh the cost of the investment.

How To Choose Upgrades For Your Hot Tub

Below are a few of our most popular add-on features. Think about whether they’re the right fit for you!

Wireless Surround Sound

Soaking in a hot tub can be an incredibly therapeutic sensory experience. It can also be the perfect place to unwind and enjoy time with family and friends. Nothing enhances either of these experiences like the perfect soundtrack or calming ambient sounds to soothe and relax to. Pros: A great way to wirelessly connect music directly into your hot tub, with incredible sound quality that will greatly add to your enjoyment. Cons: if you live in a densely populated area with concern for noise and disturbing your neighbours, you might get less use than you would hope for.

Ambient LED Lighting

While all of our hot tub models come standard with interior and control panel LED lighting, we also offer a number of enhanced lighting packages for both the inside and outside of your hot tub model to add some ambient magic and safety to your nighttime soaks. Pros: Lighting features not only provide safety and ease of use for nighttime soaking, they also add natural beauty to your backyard. All of our lighting is LED equipped, so there will be minimal impact on your maintenance costs.  Cons: There are a lot of lighting packages to choose from, so be selective as you search to see which options you believe will provide the most benefits. If you don’t plan on using your hot tub at night often, you might want to consider investing in other add-on features instead.

Water Features

What you might be thinking…isn’t a hot tub itself a water feature? While you’re not wrong, many models, in addition to jetting, offer fountain and waterfall features. Pros: These features not only offer a real crowd-pleaser, they also add utility. Adding in a cascading waterfall feature in your hot tub provides soothing sounds, as well as an added neck massage as you lack back. Cons: If you are planning on using your hot tub as a place for group gatherings exclusively, adding in a tranquil water feature for relaxation might not be a priority.

What if you want it all? You can have it with a Beachcomber!