Summer Family Activities Everyone Loves!

Summer Family Activities Everyone Loves!

As the school year comes to a close, children and teens are counting down to the golden days of summer vacation. For parents, that means finding ways to keep everyone active. Keeping everyone busy with outdoor activities and promoting family time and healthy choices are the best way for ensuring a productive summer season for all. Spending time together is an important building block in fostering kids' emotional health, and doesn't have to be difficult or expensive to plan.

With a little creativity and action, the best summer for your family yet awaits!

Getting Sporty Outside: 

Whether it be a quick game of pickup football or a casual toss of the Frisbee, being outside and active as a family is a great way to enjoy the warmer weather together. The kids can invite their friends, you can up the stakes by pledging ice cream for the winner, and everyone will soak up some precious vitamin D. Making outdoor sports and team activities a go-to option will also instil in kids that health and fitness is much more fun than screen-time.

Reading List Challenge:

Kids may associate summer reading clubs with dusty library shelves rather than with a good time. But you can bring the stories outside, To make it a group activity, have everyone read the same book, and chat casually about it over dinner, or place bets on how it will end, and/or where the plot might twist. And if you challenge them with a list of reading – however short – you can set goals for kids of every age to work toward over the span of summer vacation.

Hot Tub Time:

A timeless relaxation activity, soaking as a family in your Beachcomber is a tranquil way to come together and wind down after a day of summer time activities and day trip excursions. And with so any more activity options available in the summer than in the winter months, family members can see even less of each other than during the routine days of the school year. So your hot tub may be the best place to connect, and catch up. You can take your book discussion into the warm waters too, and sneak in some learning and reflection even while the clang of the school bell becomes a distant memory for the kids.

Making sure your Beachcomber Hot Tub is always ready for your in-home vacation is vital. Using our Cleartech UVC destroys the DNA of bacteria and viruses, leaving them harmless and unable to spread. As a factory-installed purifier, it works directly through the plumbing and filtration of your Beachcomber Hot Tub. The water is left disinfected without the use of chemicals or other by-products that can be itchy, or strongly scented. This system is fully compatible our Care Free products, making it the perfect addition to your hot tub.