The Top Ways to Spend Family Day

The Top Ways to Spend Family Day

When we lead busy lives, we often miss out on moments with our family and friends. Making plans with those close to us is much easier when we have a list of things to do. With Family Day approaching, check out these options for things to do while everyone is off work and school!

  1. Family day out
  2. Weekend getaway
  3. Family day in 

Family Day Out

Weekends can be busy. Whether you are meeting up with friends, driving children around to sports and activities, or catching up on housework, the two days seem to end in the blink of an eye. The great thing about Family Day is that it gives us extra time with our families after we get all of this done. The additional day off is the perfect time to make plans and enjoy the day with the people we love.

A good option for spending time with family is a day out. You could go for a big walk around a local park, check out a nearby art gallery or museum, or even just go for lunch and some shopping. Getting out of the house with your everyone will remove a lot of potential distractions such as the TV and mobile phones which can allow for genuine connections. 

Weekend Getaway

Taking advantage of the extra day off, you could opt for a long weekend away. Two days doesn’t always feel long enough to get out of town, but a third day can ease the pressure. You could rent a cabin and drive to a ski village, book a flight to see another city, or visit family that live further away. Whatever you decide, getting away for the weekend could be just the thing you need to escape the weekly hustle and bustle and really rewind and enjoy time with your nearest and dearest.

Family Day In

For some people, the best way to spend Family Day is a quiet day in. It can be very stressful to organise a day out or a weekend away, so by staying home you can relax more. Staying home can be the easiest way to bring everyone together. You can organise plenty of activities to do—watching movies, cooking a meal, or even taking a soak in your hot tub!  

Your hot tub is the perfect place to enjoy your day without interruption. With screens out of the way and a relaxing atmosphere, it is the ideal time to catch up with your family. By incorporating as little as 30 minutes in your tub into your Family Day, it could be the ideal bonding time for everyone. Ensure everyone can get in and out of your hot tub with our LED Hand Rail, proven to elevate the safety of a Beachcomber Hot Tub.

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