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Soak Safely

Your health, safety and satisfaction are our top priority. This is why Beachcomber has meaningfully integrated a number of safety features specially designed to make entry and exit safe and effortless for your family, friends, and loved ones of all ages, and at any time of the day. We want our Beachcomber family to be able to safely enjoy a relaxing and comfortable soak without any worries.




The SAFEAXISS™ Steps are specially designed to provide safety and ease of use for anyone, regardless of age and physical ability. It is durable, UV protected, weather resistant. Compatible with all HYBRID4® models, the step is designed to house and protect the Hybrid Energy Saver Pak (your hot tub’s main powerhouse), and perfectly matches your Enviroskirt cabinetry.


A wide, flat step on the top of
the SAFEAXISS™ Steps, this ‘landing pad’
provides a non-slip surface wih enhanced
foot grip to ensure ease of use and safety
for anyone accessing the hot tub - even
in harsh winter conditions.

guiding light

For added safety and brilliant nighttime
illuminance to enhance your hot tub
experience after dusk, an energy-saving
sensor-triggered Guiding Light is
integrated into the step to light up areas
around the hot tub.

Double-tiered step

The SAFEAXISS™ Steps feature
double-tiered steps on both the front
angles of the step, allowing safe and
comfortable access into and out of the
hot tub from any angle, with ease.


Safe Multi-Tiered Stairway
Inside the hot tub, the Safe Multi-Tiered Stairway elevates the hot tub to a whole new level of safety and ease of use for everyone. Every Beachcomber Hot Tub model features an engineered system of steps, surfaces, seats and carefully placed angles that contribute to a stepping down action to get in and out of your hot tub. Our team has spent years fine-tuning and mastering this design based on customer feedback, to bring you the safest, handcrafted hot tub on the market.
Checkerplate Non-Slip™ SURFACE
The Checkerplate Non-Slip™ is found in all main stepping surfaces including steps, surfaces and certain seats of your hot tub. To prevent slips and falls in and around the hot tub, we created this proprietary anti-slip, flooring surface pattern moulded directly into the acrylic during the molding process. Checkerplate™ is a permanent design style that promotes better safety and grip while using your hot tub.
Specially Moulded Hand Grips
For support in getting in and out of your Beachcomber hot tub, this 500 Series-exclusive hand grips is specially contoured and moulded for an optimum grip.
Crescent moon ambient lighting
For enhanced safey and perfect hot tub ambience, opt for the vibrant Crescent Moon Ambient Lighting, exclusive to the 700 Series, featuring the hand grip illumination - the first of its kind to be seamlessly melded into the hand grip, at the touch of your fingertips. Enjoy a kaleidoscope of colours through a wholly digital and programmable lighting feature on either side of the hand-grips.


Cooling off periods are essential to avoid overheating. With your health and safety in mind, all Beachcomber’s hot tub models feature a Cooling Seat or Cooling Bench with no jets. Strategically located near the entry point of the hot tub, the seat or bench doubles as an area for children and adults to cool down and reset, with a step to safely enter and exit the hot tub.

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