Arthritis and Chronic Pain Are Debby Downers No More

Arthritis and Chronic Pain Are Debby Downers No More

Here at Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we have your back, wrists, ankles, and, basically, anywhere you feel discomfort as it’s no secret that soaking in warm water provides relief of joint pain and muscle soreness. Research has proven that hydrotherapy works wonders for all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia and lower back pain. Most likely, we all know someone who sadly endures the daily aches and pains of arthritis or even chronic pain.

1 in 5 people have arthritis and suffer from aching and sore joints that enjoying regular daily activities can often be painfully miserable. This is why investing in a hot tub is essential. Due to the number of people who sadly suffer from the soreness that these conditions can cause, buying a hot tub is an investment in your health as it is an effective way of easing your pain.

Countless amounts of studies highlight that people who enjoy a relaxing warm water soak are less likely to suffer from aches and pains later in the day. As warm water soothes tense muscles and encourages better circulation, your hot tub will help release stiffness in the body, offer full support for sore limbs, decrease swelling and relax tissue that causes your discomfort. Just a 20-minute soak can help relieve any pain you might be feeling. Keeping this in mind, consider these simple steps to make the most of your next hot tub soak.

Go warm, not hot!

Water temperatures between 92 and 100 degrees are a healthy range. If you have cardiovascular problems, beware of water that’s too hot as it can add stress to the heart.

Keep moving

Since warm water stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints, the hot tub can be an ideal place to do some gentle stretching.


Make sure you drink water both before and after your soak to prevent dehydration. Consider setting a reminder alarm on your phone, so you don’t forget your post-soak glass of water!