Hot Tub Accessories for Safety

Hot Tub Accessories for Safety

Fun, laughs, and fond memories aside, enjoying a hot tub also includes the responsibility of keeping safety front of mind. Especially if any of your frequent bathers are small children or older adults, you’ll need to ensure that your tub is set up to ensure their comfort and safety.

Care Free Water Care System:

Firstly, and foundationally, your hot tub water needs to be well maintained, to provide a safe and comfortable experience for bathers. The CARE FREE™ water care system is an easy to use weekly 4-in-1 system that does away with a host of conditioning products by integrating water clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, and multi-oxidizing components. This combination lessens the amount of traditional chlorine required, which makes your hot tub water easier on skin. As a beneficial supplement, adding the CLEARTECH™ UVC system will take your water to unparalleled levels of sanitization.  

Safe Multi-Tiered Stairway:

The Safe Multi-Tiered Stairway elevates the hot tub to a whole new level of safety and ease of use. Every Beachcomber Hot Tub model features an engineered system of steps, surfaces, seats and carefully placed angles that contribute to a stepping down action to get in and out of your hot tub. Our team has spent years fine-tuning and mastering this design based on customer feedback, to bring you the safest, handcrafted hot tub on the market.

SafeAxiss Steps:

Our specially designed SafeAxiss steps allow you to comfortably and safely step in and out of your hot tub from any angle. Custom made with non-slip surfacing; the durable, UV protected, weather resistant SafeAxiss steps provide safety and ease of use for anyone, regardless of age and physical ability.

Checkerplate Non-Slip™:

Checkerplate Non-Slip™is found in all main stepping surfaces including steps, surfaces and seats of your hot tub. To prevent slips and falls in and around the hot tub, we created this proprietary anti-slip, flooring surface pattern moulded directly into the acrylic during the molding process. Checkerplate™ is a permanent design style that promotes better safety and grip while using your hot tub.

Cooling Seat or Bench:

Cooling off periods are essential to avoid overheating. With your health and safety in mind, all Beachcomber’s hot tub models feature a Cooling Seat or Cooling Bench with no Water-ports or FlexJets™. Strategically located near the entry point of the hot tub, the seat or bench doubles as an area for children and adults to cool down and reset, and a step to help enter and exit the hot tub.