Invention of the Hydrotherapy Pump

Invention of the Hydrotherapy Pump

With backyard soaker tubs becoming more prevalent throughout the States, it increased the number of people that felt the benefits of hydrotherapy. With this came the invention of the hydrotherapy pump. Initially intended for the bathtub, the hydrotherapy pump was created to aid a young child’s ailments in the home.

The History

The Jacuzzi brothers moved to California in the 1900’s and made a living as inventors. Having previously worked on water pumps and aviation design, they had plenty of experience with designing technological advancements. This is what led to the first submersible water pump that pulled water from the ground.

In 1956, the two brothers began working on a pump for their bathtub that would help with their family member’s rheumatoid arthritis. This pump was portable and turned any tub into a spa. It made hydrotherapy at home even easier. While it wasn’t mass produced at this time, the pump was used in hospitals and care facilities to help treat those with pain and illness.

The invention of this pump meant that hydrotherapy became more than just soaking in warm waters. It incorporated the motion of water and massage therapy into the process and was a huge step in the creation of hot tubs and spas. The hydrotherapy pump could be added to the outdoor soaker tubs or indoor bathtubs.


The Benefits

The creation of the hydrotherapy pump spurred on the creation of the at-home spas. While it was first used in bathtubs, once people realized how it could improve their health and wellbeing, there was a higher demand for it outside of the home. This led to the development of the hot tub or spa as we now know it. While backyard soaker tubs were popular, there was concern around health and safety, so companies began to work on developing more structurally sound and properly filtered tubs.

It was in the following decades that this occurred. Initial designs are drastically different to what we know now, but the creation of hot tubs with jets meant people experienced the benefits of a hydrotherapy massage while they soaked in the warm waters. It made socializing much more popular as well as more people felt safe in the new spas than they did the backyard soakers.

Over time, more developments were made to the hot tubs. The materials used to make the tubs, the way they’re insulated, and seating design are just some of the things that have been improved throughout the years. Without the hydrotherapy pump, these advancements in design may have never occurred.

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