A LEEP ahead of the industry

LEEP™ stands for Leaders in Energy Efficient Portables and uses advanced energy efficient technology that lowers energy usage and your cost of operation. LEEP™ hot tubs feature the exact same high-quality materials, design innovation, craftsmanship, attention to detail and affordability that come standard in all Beachcomber models.

Designed to save you money

When it comes to hot tubs, energy efficiency and construction quality are what saves you money. That means taking the time to insulate every available interior space and deliver solutions to reduce the amount of energy you need to run the mechanics. See how LEEP™ sets new standards in quality and energy efficiency.

Beachcomber LEEP™ Hot Tub

A LEEP™ Edition hot tub includes the following nine features across our entire lineup of hot tubs, which set Beachcomber apart from any other portable hot tub or spa.


We build a worry-free hot tub, and back it up with 100% hassle-free Protection Guarantees to protect your investment in a Beachcomber Hot Tub. An industry exclusive Guarantee (which protects YOU) instead of a Limited Warranty (which tend to protect the manufacturer), guarantees that your new hot tub will perform as promised. Receive protection and peace of mind that you can count on.


The greatest heat loss takes place on the water’s surface. A genuine Beachcomber Heatshield™ Cover insulates your hot tub by creating a vacuum seal around the full perimeter of the hot tub lip that traps moisture and heat and allows for proper runoff and drainage. Made of a rigid foam insulate and aluminum reinforced structure which is encased with marine grade vinyl, Beachcomber is one of the few companies that manufacture a hot tub Heatshield™ cover that is UL-certified in accordance with ASTM F1346-91 Standards for a Manual Safety Cover.

The Beachcomber ESMS maximizes the performance of your hot tub. It does everything from adjust the temperature, optimize and change filtration cycles to setting your heating modes to reduce power usage - Minimizing filter cycle frequency and duration will reduce overall energy consumption. Our smart controls save up to 5-10% of a hot tub’s heating energy requirement. The Digital Temperature Controls are accessible on the topside panel with user-adjustable features to personalize your hot tub experience.
Designed with the human body in mind, our hand-sculpted, ergonomically designed seating supports the contours of your body. From elbow recesses, to integrated head rests, and body-moulded loungers, Beachcomber ErgoComfortTM Seating delivers the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.
Most hot tubs today operate with ‘zones’, for one or two seats to run at any given time. A unique feature Beachcomber hot tubs have, is the ability to have all the seats operate at the same time, with the touch of a button. Through hydrodynamic engineering technology, we make sure that every person in each of the seats can enjoy the shared hydrotherapeutic benefits together.
Jetting without motion is just a static stream of water. Engineered using a vortex action, All-Motion Hydrotherapy swirls a 50/50 mix of water and air in a small tunnel yielding a force of powerful pulsating massage, kneading away your aches and pain away for relief and relaxation like a professional masseuse. Beachcomber FLEXJETSTM with All-Motion Hydrotherapy gives you the perfect, hydrotherapeutic full body massage.
Internal Eco-Pak
The Internal Eco-PakTM system uses the lowest amount of horsepower possible to efficiently achieve the maximum flow for ultimate full body massage. The fully serviceable Internal Eco-Pak system is built inside the hot tub cavity, and is energy efficient without sacrificing performance.
Just like a modern home, Beachcomber’s special 100% foam-filled insulation is made with an R3.6 per inch rating Icynene spray foam insulation, insulating three walls of the hot tub. This is the best type of insulation to use in a hot tub, helping us achieve the highest level of energy efficiency. Although this should be a standard feature, most companies choose not to insulate their hot tubs due to increased production costs.
Perma Seal Foundation
Our Perma-Seal Foundation encapsulates the bottom of the hot tub and is made of a thermoplastic ABS vacuum formed base, to seal out ground elements like water, moisture and air, and prevents critter penetration. This provides an extra barrier that stops the internal insulated cavity from absorbing moisture and preventing outside air temperatures from penetrating in.

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