HYBRID4® Less Power. More Warmth.

In 1983, a team of Beachcomber engineers who were obsessed with energy efficiency in hot tub performance worked to perfect the four wall insulation method. Through multiple tests, they were able to create the most energy efficient hot tub in the industry. Enter the Beachcomber HYBRID4®, Beachcomber Hot Tub’s patented energy saving technology which saves 33% more energy compared to industry competitors.


We compared each Beachcomber model to a competitive equivalent and looked at the average energy consumption of the tubs. Time and time again, our Beachcomber hot tubs beat similar volume models from other brands by up to 33%.



The Beachcomber HYBRID4® is equipped to perform in any climate, even in the harshest of winters. Our energy efficiency continues to go unrivalled, helping us to save money and energy, allowing us to provide a green and environmentally friendly product. Beachcomber HYBRID4® hot tubs come with the nine LEEP™ features and the four additional energy efficient upgrades:


Quiet and Non-intrusive

Experience the quietest, most energy efficient way to heat and clean hot tub water. Beachcomber’s Hush Pump™ System is a dedicated tough little pump that cleans, heats and filter your water - with barely a hint of noise.

Like a 24/7 Cleaning

This circulatory system runs around the clock with our Microfilter™ to heat, clean and circulate constantly, and holds water at the perfect temperature – keeping your hot tub water warm, clean, and clear.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that our Hush Pump™ System draws less electricity than a 100-watt lightbulb? For just pennies a year, there's no eaiser, more cost effective way to keep your hot tub water clear and clean.

24/7 Self-Cleaning


Weather-resistant and Eco-friendly

Standard on all HYBRID4® models, the proprietary SAFEAXISS™ Steps is made with the same high quality Enviroskirt Cabinetry, which is UV protected against the rays of the sun, resist discoloration, warpage, fading or cracking over time. Made from plastic composite material, it is also fully recyclable and kinder for Mother Earth.

Safe Nonslip Surface for Wet Feet

The Non-slip surfacing on the wide landing pad and multiple tiers provides better safety and grip, allowing for safe, easy access for everyone, from any angle. The optional Guiding Lite feature for the SAFEAXISS™ Steps is available for extra safety, enabling access to your hot tub in the dark with the sensor lighting.

Protects Your Powerhouse

It also houses and protects the Cab-Forward Engineered Pak so that access to the interior mechanics of the hot tub is convenient.

Safer Access for Everyone


Protected Powerhouse Within Reach

This Cab Forward Engineered Pak is the heart of what makes the HYBRID4® so energy efficient. This patented energy saving technology is a construction unique to Beachcomber, and sits on the exterior of the hot tub, protected by the SAFEAXISS™ Step. This means all hot tub electrical and pumping equipment is housed outside the hot tub shell cavity and cabinet of the hot tub, providing easy access. Typical equipment placement with many spa manufacturers is inside the spa cabinetry which can lead to overheating and can be difficult to service.

Hydraulically Designed - Science of Moving Water Efficiency

Our R&D design team focuses on hydrodynamic water flow to reduce power usage and maintenance while providing clean and fresh water. The external digital computerized propgramming in the energy management control system has up to the minute water flow, maximized wateport pressure, and uses the least number of massage pumps while ensuring the lowest possible horsepower and number of motors - all without sacrificing perfomance.

Protected and Easily Accessible


Maximum insulation and Heat Retention Within all Four Walls

Insulation is the single most important factor when it comes to energy efficiency. Developed for maximum heat retention and the highest level of energy efficiency, the ECO4WALL™ 100% Foam Filled Insulation upgrade means all four walls of the hot tub interior are filled, instead of three walls like on the LEEP™.

Every available space is filled with Icynene® foam, which has a high R value of 3.6 per inch - the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating effectiveness. It expands as it is sprayed, filling 100% of the hot tub’s cavity. This completely seals and encapsulates all of the open space inside the hot tub cavity and prevents moisture or air to penetrate the vessel of the hot tub. The water in the tub is then protected from heat loss, much like a well insulated house.

33% More Energy Efficient

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