Must Have Hot Tub Accessories for All Hot Tub Owners

Must Have Hot Tub Accessories for All Hot Tub Owners

For many new hot tub owners, it can be difficult to know what accessories you need to have to take your experience to the next level. We are here to answer these questions! Whether you are looking for ways to boost your relaxation or to make your hot tub the social hub, we know exactly what you need.

Accessories for Relaxation

When you use your hot tub to decompress and relax, there are many ways to enhance your experience. Beachcomber Hot Tubs offers different products that can make your soak more comfortable.

  1. Aromatherapy

Adding scents to your soak with Signature Scentsations can help deepen your relaxation. Aromatherapy helps soothe the mind and bring feelings of peace and tranquility.  

  1. Spa Pillows

The Beachcomber removable spa pillows are a great way to boost your hot tub experience. The ergonomic design of a Beachcomber Hot Tub is the ultimate in comfort and a spa pillow takes it to the next level.

  1. Massager

The Star Shape Massager is the best way to dig in deep to the parts of your body that the FlexJets™ don’t reach.


Accessories for Family Time or Gatherings

A Beachcomber Hot Tub is a great place to bring loved ones together with no distractions. It can become the centre of socialisation for families and friends. Make the most of this time with those closest to you with some Beachcomber accessories:

  1. Children’s toys

For younger children, having some fun water toys can make their hot tub time more enjoyable. These animal squirt toys keep kids entertained while the rest of the family can relax in the comfort of the hot tub.

  1. Speaker

The Beachcomber Hot Tub floating portable speaker is an accessory that can be enjoyed both in the hot tub and out of it. Music makes every occasion better,   


Accessories for Hot Tub Care

Keeping your hot tub water clean and clear is a continuous process. Ensuring that you have the proper accessories to enhance your hot tub experience is vital. Check out the following products to help:

   1. Heatshield™ Cover 

This helps keep your hot tub insulated which reduces energy costs and keeps your water warm longer.

   2. LEEP™ Safety Step 

The LEEP™ step makes getting in and out of your hot tub much easier and increases the accessibility of the tub.

   3. Hot Tub Vac 

This creates suction that draws in water and debris from the hot tub as you push the button at the top of the handle, with a flip-down skimmer net and brush attachment.

   4. Heatshield™ Cover Cap 

Our Cover Cap protects your hot tub cover against wear and tear, fading, and the elements.

Take your hot tub soak to the next level with the perfect accessories and water care.


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