Getting Outdoors in Spring

Getting Outdoors in Spring

Spring has arrived and with it comes more daylight and less rain. With improved weather and what feels like more hours in the day, it is the perfect time to get outside and ‘carpe diem’. Spending time outdoors has many benefits:

  • Breathing in fresh air gives greater clarity to your brain, making you function more efficiently and helps you think and focus better. This will benefit you in numerous aspects of life, from work to working out.
  • The air outside makes you breathe deeper which expels more toxins and takes in more oxygen. The more oxygen in your lungs, the less chance of suffering from long term health issues.
  • When you breathe the air outside, you are moving more oxygen throughout your body – including to the brain. When the brain has more oxygen, it releases serotonin which increases energy levels and happiness.

With these benefits in mind, we see how important it is to get as much outdoor time as we can! Here are our top recommendations for getting fresh air this new season:

  • Hiking

Going for a hike is a great way to breathe in clean air while also getting your heart pumping. With less snow up in the mountains, now is the best time to hit the trails and take in some spectacular views. Bring a packed lunch and sit in nature enjoying the crisp air.

  • Camping

Camping becomes much more popular from Springtime onwards. The warmer weather makes sleeping outdoors much more attractive, and it’s a great way to spend time out of your usual environment, breathing in the fresh air of nature. Make sure to have all the proper equipment when camping and watch out for bears!  

  • Cycling

Less rain makes cycling a much more desirable activity. Opening your air ways with a waterside cycle is the ultimate way to get clean, crisp air into your lungs while exercising.

  • Hot Tubbing

Outdoor breathing has never been easier with a Beachcomber Hot Tub. Right outside your door, the crystal-clear water is the perfect place to get outside. Ensuring your hot tub is always ready for a soak is essential, especially with more leaves and flowers blowing in the wind. Adding a Heatshield Cover to your tub ensures the water is protected from the elements and ready to use anytime.


The benefits of breathing fresh air cannot be denied. After a long winter of rain and snow it is important to embrace the better weather and get outside. Whether it’s through exercise or hot tubbing, finding the time to draw in clean air is essential for not only boosting your immune system but making you happier!