Take the Pressure Off Your Heart

Take the Pressure Off Your Heart

We are told our whole lives how important it is to have a healthy heart. People constantly tell us throughout our lives how important it is to have a healthy heart, and they always remind us to focus on choosing the right meals, managing our stress levels, and making sure we exercise enough to keep our heart strong. 

With the abundance of information available to us, it is easy to get lost in the ‘how’s’ and ‘whys’. It is important to understand the ways of keeping our hearts healthy, and the knock-on effect of doing so. Two key factors that contribute to a healthy heart are increasing our heart rate and lowering our blood pressure. 

Increased Heart Rate:

When our heart rate increases, it enhances our aerobic fitness and enables our heart to pump blood effectively throughout our body and muscles. It helps the body regulate cholesterol levels and can contribute to a healthier immune system.

Most people will increase their heart rate through exercise, such as running, cycling, or a gym workout. However, it doesn’t always have to be an intense exercise that results in a faster pulse. A mild walk and slight increase in the heart’s rhythm can also give long-lasting benefits to the body.  

Lower Blood Pressure: 

Several things can cause high blood pressure. It could be stress, an unhealthy diet, or diseases such as diabetes. Managing blood pressure can be very difficult for those who suffer with an elevated reading, and this can lead to cardiovascular disease later in life. When blood pressure peaks, the vessel and artery walls can bend and buckle, which puts a greater strain on the heart. 

There are many natural and medical ways to treat high blood pressure, from removing stress to taking prescribed medication. Maintaining a healthy reading ensures a balance of cholesterol levels and a healthy, happy heart. 

Hot Tubs and Heart Health 

Over the years, researchers and medical professionals have investigated the impact that water therapy has on the body and its functions. From stress relief to injury prevention, the health benefits of regular hot water soaking are endless. This practice, known as hydrotherapy, has a significant impact on your heart.

Studies suggest that those who soaked in hot water most or every day were at a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. When someone immerses themselves in hot water, their heart rate increases and their blood pressure decreases. 

What you might not know is that warm water therapy can increase your heart rate in the same way as if you were doing mild exercise. When soaking in a hot tub, the body temperature rises, which results in the heart rate increasing. This can be very beneficial to someone with mobility issues, as they are getting similar results as a walk from daily submersion. Incorporating gentle exercise into a hot tub soak only adds to this. It allows for increased blood flow around the body, which has various benefits throughout. 

The rise in heart rate allows for a person’s blood pressure to be reduced. This is because of their blood vessels dilating while they have a higher body temperature. It results in blood circulating more, and research points to fewer cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure problems in those who bathe in hot water regularly. 

Adding a Beachcomber Hot Tub to your daily health routine can take the stress out of maintaining a healthy heart while creating opportunities for ‘me time’ or time with loved ones. Learn more about how to enhance your health with hydrotherapy here!

*The information in this article should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Consults with qualified professionals are strongly recommended.