Beachcomber Hot Tub Accessories

If I purchase a new Heatshield, will Beachcomber recycle my old one?
Beachcomber encourages you to remove the styrofoam from your old cover and return it to your local Canadian Return it Depot as it is 100% recyclable!
Does a Beachcomber Heatshield meet all safety standards?
Beachcomber hot tub covers are UL Certified according to the ASTM F1346-91 standards for Hot Tub safety covers.
I live in the USA and want to buy a cover but I can't find it on your website. Why not?
We do not have the cover available for purchase from our website for our American customers because shipping & import fees for this large item from our Canadian Warehouses into the USA are higher than the cost of the cover itself. What we suggest is...
Does the Beachcomber Safety Rail slide under the tub?
Yes, this safety rail slides under the tub and is secured by the weight of the tub. You may also choose to further secure it by screwing it into the side of the tub but this step is not required.
Which cover works for Beachcomber's 150 model hot tub?
The model 150 Beachcomber hot tub was changed to a model 160 and the size increased 1" all the way around. My technician suggests the 160 cover will work for you - there will be a small overlap but insignificant.
Do all your lifters work for both Standard Fold & Opposite Fold covers?
Explain Standard Fold cover vs. Opposite Fold cover
From the front of the tub, Standard Fold opens Left to Right whereas Opposite Fold opens Front to Back.
How much clearance does my hot tub cover need for Airlift cover lifter?
The Airlift requires 9" clearance at the back of your hot tub as that is the space where your cover sits when lifted, and it also requires 4 - 5" clearance on each side for the mounting mechanisms. Also, when opened, this lifter holds your cover at ...
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