How to maintain my hot tub water

Is Cleartech compatible with an ozone set-up ?
Yes, the two systems perform complimentary functions, the Cleartech as the sanitization, and the ozone as the oxidation.
Are there any harmful byproducts produced by the Cleartech system?
No, there are no harmful byproducts for bathers or for the environment. Cleartech is low maintenance and eco-friendly.
Does Cleartech work with Bromine?
Bromine does not have the same stabilizer as that of chlorine and will deplete quickly
Do I still need to balance my hot tub water?
Yes, balanced water is a base requirement for all water treatment programs to ensure safe, enjoyable water for bathers and also to protect the hot tub equipment.
What additional maintenance is required?
Aside from ensuring balanced water, the UVC bulb will need to be replaced approximately every 18 months. The protective quartz tube should also be cleaned at this time from scaling or residue.
Is Cleartech compatible with the Care Free Water Care System?
Yes, it is recommended to be used with the Care Free system to provide a powerful combo of treatment, conditioning, and sterilization.
What other water care products do I need for my hot tub?
Depending on the system you choose, you will need water balancers, a sanitizer, and an oxidizer.
Will Cleartech reduce the amount of chlorine I need to add to my hot tub?
Yes, the UVC system can help reduce chlorine consumption by up to 50%
Does Cleartech extend the life of my water?
Yes, Cleartech will help to lower overall TDS by reducing the amount of chlorine added to a hot tub and therefore extend the life of your water
Does Cleartech help reduce chloramine?
Cleartech focuses on sterilizing any bacteria or algae growth which frees the chlorine to oxidize any chloramines.
Do I still require chlorine ?
North American authorities require a minimum chlorine residual of 3-5 ppm to keep the water safe and sanitized.
Do I still need to 'shock' or 'boost' my hot tub?
Yes, boosting your hot tub helps oxidize all of the combined chlorines out of the water.
Where else are UVC systems utilized?
Drinkable water purification systems, municipal water treatment, cooling tower purification, hospitals, breweries, fish farming, aquariums, ponds, and hydroponics.
How often should I expect to replace the UV bulb in my Cleartech system?
The UV bulb can stay lit for a long time but the ultraviolet intensity does drop with time so the recommended replacement is every 12-18 months or when the indicator light is on. If your bulb has "flecks" of silver metallic paint you can still use the...
How long does the Cleartech bulb last for?
Typically these bulbs last 12-18 months.
How long should a 900 gram bottle of Care Free last?
Based on average number of bathers and average consumption across all models of hot tubs, a 900g bottle of Care Free should last approximately 3 months.
I formerly used Ultra Start. What should I use as an alternative?
ULTRA SHOCK is a safe, non-chlorine oxidizer that can be used as an alternative with any Bromo Program.
How/ where do I dispose of my unused water care?
Reach out to your local Beachcomber store to ask if they have a program in place to accept used watercare products or recycle used watercare products at a recycling depot that accepts paint and chemicals. Alternatively, you can neutralize the product...
Formerly I used Lithclor. What should I use as an alternative?
Chlor Blast or Bromo Blast systems.
The test app indicates high cyanuric acid (CYA). What should I do?
You can think of cyanuric acid (CYA) as sunscreen for your chlorine. While we do have a CYA (for pools) Stabilizer agent reading on our test strips it is there for pool owners only and is not applicable for hot tubs because other than the time you are...
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