Why beachcomber


Designed to suit every body.

Here at Beachcomber, we embrace people of all heights, shapes, and sizes. Our philosophy in hot tub design also caters to all types of bathers - whether your preference is soaking, lounging or taking a break to cool down. Take your pick from from a variety of seats and loungers, and with or without massage jets. Discover the unique designs and hydrotherapy features of each of our patented seating options.


which seat will be yours?

sweet relief for your back

Beachcomber features unique full back massage seats that not just alleviate chronic pain, arthritis or release tension - but delivers pure hydrotherapeutic bliss. The deeply satisfying Beachcomber EcstaSeat™ is a corner therapy seat that uses different 6-pack FLEXJETS™ to target muscles along the spine, hip massagers, each with its own intensity volume control. Our other equally relaxing Verta-sage™ Seat features the Vertasage Neck Massage - a focused massager specially targeted at achy necks, a large rotating FLEXJET™ that targets the lower back, and five FLEXJET™ inserts that carry from 6 to 42 different jets for your mid to upper back. The Verta-Sage™ Seat helps alleviate your aches and pains for a satisfying therapeutic and rejuvenating massage.

pick a side, or both with the swivel seat

These special swivel seats allows you to be both semi-reclined or seated upright, while allowing you to enjoy a soothing therapeutic back, thigh and palm/ hand massage through strategically-placed, multi-function FlexJets™. In some models, we offer Twin Opposing Swivel Seats so you and a friend can swivel together!

recline on the form-fitting loungers

Enjoy a semi-recumbent soak while gazing up at the starlit skies. The Form-Fitting Lounger gently hugs your body in all the right places as you receive a divine hydrotherapy massage along your spine and calf muscles. Built-in FlexJets™ move in unison to produce an effective, gentle and therapeutic massage to relieve your muscle and back pain. FlexJets™ have customizable options so you can control the jetting pattern and pressure to suit your therapeutic needs. Find these exclusive Form-Fitting Loungers in our 700 series models.

better together with Barrier-Free™ Seating

Exclusive to the 300 series models, Barrier-free seating is built with human ergonomics in mind. With no hard, angular edges, it ensures ease of movement, comfort in a closer soak together, and ample space in the water regardless of body type, age or physical ability, Barrier-Free™ Seating is exclusive to our 300 series hot tubs.

level up on the elevated seat

The perfect spot for adults, children and little ones alike to to cool down on the elevated seat, and slowly adjust their body temperature while enjoying a gentle massage. This comfortable, contoured elevated seat can also function as a step as they enter and cool down as they leave the tub.

chill out on the dedicated cooling seat or bench

All Beachcomber models feature a Cooling Seat or Bench with no jets, which allows one to cool off and avoid overheating. This doubles up as a step to easily enter and exit the hot tub, as well as a designated area for a smooth and quiet soak.

deep seaTS, deeper conversations

Beachcomber hot tubs are known for our ergonomic Deep Seating, which allows for a fully immersive soak. With deeper body immersion in your hot tub, you reap the maximum health benefits of hydrotherapy and massage as you soak in your hot tub.

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