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NEUTRALIZER completely neutralizes active chlorine or bromine in hot tub water, making it safe and environmentally friendly to drain. It is concentrated and will instantly neutralize, or reduce your sanitizer level. Always, follow the directions on the label.

Available size : 500 ml

pH : 10.25

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Beachcomber Neutr-All is a liquid sanitizer eliminator. Called Sodium Thiosulphate in the industry, this product completely disables any active Chlorine or Bromine in the hot tub water. It is so powerful in fact that it will instantly reduce or completely neutralize all the sanitizer – making it very important to follow the correct dosage on the label. Overdosing with Neutr-All can affect the free available chlorine reading on your next fresh fill. Neutr-All makes the hot tub water safe to drain on plants, flowers or grass.


  • ! Overdosing with Neutr-All can affect the free available chlorine reading on your next fresh fill
  • Before draining your hot tub, test the sanitizer level.
  • Add 30 ml of Neutr-all per 1000 L of hot tub water to decrease the sanitizer level by 1 ppm - Wait 15 minutes
  • Test the sanitizer level and add Neutr-All to completely eliminate the sanitizer from the water 


Always follow the directions in the Beachcomber Hot Tub Owner’s Guide, for proper draining procedures. One rule to observe when draining is to test the hot tub water to ensure Free Available Chlorine / Bromine is not present. Active sanitizer in your hot tub water can damage grass, plants and the surrounding environment including ground water. 

Never attempt to drain or partially drain a hot tub with source power on. It can be easy to get busy with other things and forget about a hot tub that is being drained slowly. Failing to turn power off can lead to costly damage to hot tub equipment or property, or could cause injury. Ensure that the source power has been turned off before attempting a partial or a full draining procedure.

Avoid draining a hot tub in the winter; draining or partial draining before cold weather sets in will allow the owner to get through the winter without the need to drain the hot tub.

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