Why beachcomber


24/7 Self-cleaning Hot Tubs -
Easy and Effortless Maintenance

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are self-cleaning using a Microfilter™ Filtration System, Hush Sweepers and Floor Suction Cleaning & Filtration system for 24/7 circulation and filtration – key components to keeping your hot tub water clean, crystal clear, safe, and easy to maintain.



How the Magic Happens

the Beachcomber microfilter™

The Microfilter™ is a cylindrical, fibre-finned filtration unit that filters hot tub water, designed to work with the exterior Microfilter Basket. The Microfilter™ traps large materials such as leaves, lint, hair, as well as the smallest of debris unseen to the naked eye. It is the main contributor to the clarity of the hot tub water.

Hush Sweepers, Gravity Drain,
and Filtration System

The Hush Sweepers, Gravity Drain, and Filtration system provide a continuous cleaning and filtration action. Hush Sweepers gently push sand and other small debris into the Gravity Drain to be picked up by the Filtration system.

99.9% Sterilization with the ClearTech UVC Sterilization System™

The ClearTech UVC Sterilization System ™ sterilizes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your hot tub water by using the same powerful UV technology found in water treatment plants and hospitals. This water care system produces no by-products, just clean water to enhance water sparkle and cleanliness. It is safe, silent, and non-corrosive - an added layer of protection for your hot tub water.


SET YOUR HOT TUB to CLEAN at your convenience

Programmable Cycle Settings

The easy to use control panel features the Programmable Cycle Settings which control the functions of the hot tub. Settings include temperature adjustments, warming and cooling action, heating modes, standby and economy modes, filtration cycles, inversion, locking, reminders and other functions. And since there are two filtration cycles per 24-hour period, you can program your chosen start and end time to match your routine at home.

Economy Holiday Mode Setting

On Economy Mode, the control panel informs you to heat the water only during filter cycles. You can set your desired water temperature and enable your hot tub to maintain the set temperature, even while not in use for a period of time. The Economy Mode icon will display on the control panel until the mode is changed. Economy Holiday Mode Setting is just one of the energy efficient features to save you money on operating costs.

The Gold Standard in Hot Tub Water Care

Beachcomber Care Free Water Care™ System

Keeping your hot tub water clean, balanced, and safe for everyone to enjoy is an important part of owning a Beachcomber hot tub. Take the guess work out of water care with Beachcomber’s unique line of water care products – the Beachcomber Care Free Water Care™ System, which takes just a few minutes a week. By creating multi-functioning products that replace many different traditional chemicals, its unique formula has been engineered for optimum performance, is easy to use, and is cost effective.

Simple Solutions, Beautiful Water

Turn your smart device into a digital water test strip analyzer with our complimentary Beachcomber Water Care app.

  • Easily check that your hot tub water is safe and comfortable
  • Receive step-by-step detailed water treatment recommendations
  • Access your test history, hot tub water volume, preferred water care, and equipment details 24/7.

We also offer free professional water testing and analysis with the Tethy’s Water Care Analysis System at participating stores for all Beachcomber Hot Tub owners - for the lifetime of ownership, completely unlimited.

Visit a Beachcomber Specialist to discover more.

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