Do I need to prepare my Beachcomber for cold weather?

There is no need to prepare your hot tub for winter. But if you are going away for an extended period, it’s best to leave your hot tub running and heated while you are away. Having a friend stop by your home as you would anyway is a good idea to check on things while you are away. A LEEP hot tub or a Hybrid3 hot tub is designed to run in any weather, in all seasons. With 3 wall insulation system in LEEP, and the 4 wall insulation system in Hybrid3, you get the very best in energy efficiency and protection from the cold. In areas where there is a large snowfall expected, ensuring that there is not an undue amount of weight on the hot tub cover, a sheet of plywood to cover the hot tub can help to distribute the weight. This is not common, but under a very heavy snow load can carry a lot of pounds, and could damage your hot tub cover or your hot tub. If you have questions, you can call any one of Beachcomber’s Development Centres to talk to a Beachcomber Care person, or call your local Beachcomber Store for more information. 

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