Beachcomber Helps Manage Type-2 Diabetes

Beachcomber Helps Manage Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of people and families throughout the world. It occurs when your body cannot produce insulin or use the insulin it makes. Without insulin, blood sugars cannot be properly regulated, which can cause several issues within the body. Of the two types of diabetes, type-2 is the most common.

Type-2 diabetes, while incurable, can be managed a variety of ways. Medication, exercise, diet, and weight loss all help with the careful control of symptoms and side effects. Recent studies have shown that hydrotherapy, or a hot tub soak, can also aid in regulating the disease.

Managing Diabetes


Whether you are living with type-2 diabetes or at risk of developing it, adding exercise to your daily routine is vital. Physical activity is very important for lowering blood sugars in the body. Those susceptible to developing the disease can delay or prevent it by incorporating at least 150 minutes of exercise into their week. People already living with diabetes can prevent side effects from developing when they partake in regular activity.

By adding exercise to your daily routine it can stop blood sugars building up. By preventing the build-up, it is easier for those with type-2 diabetes to regulate their glucose levels. Blood pressure is also lower, meaning there is less risk of heart disease—a common side effect of diabetes. When you add a consistent workout regime—both aerobic and resistance—into your week, you are improving your overall health and reducing the impact the disease can have.


A major factor in the development and control of type-2 diabetes is diet. Knowing the right foods, how much, and when to eat is very important to help control glucose levels. For example, always having breakfast and eating meals at regular times throughout the day can keep blood sugars in balance.

When choosing the food to eat in these meals, it is important to keep it well balanced. Adding enough vegetables and lean meat to meals while avoiding too many fats and sugars is vital. Too much sugar increases blood sugar levels, and fats can add to the risk of heart disease. Having high fibre foods helps you feel full longer and drinking water instead of sweet drinks will prevent a spike in blood glucose.

Weight Management

By maintaining a healthy weight, it is possible to prevent or better manage symptoms of type-2 diabetes. Blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure are all improved, and there is decreased risk of heart disease and stroke. The above recommendations for exercise and diet attribute to good weight management.

How a Beachcomber Hot Tub Helps

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are a great addition to the home of someone suffering with type-2 diabetes. There are many benefits of regular hot tub soaks which can make managing symptoms and side effects much easier.

- Increased blood circulation

Diabetes can often lead to poor circulation. Those living with the disease often experience numb hands and feet as a result, and it can lead to issues such as high blood pressure and pain when walking. A soak in a hot tub can help ease this or prevent it from happenin with studies showing that when submerged in warm water regularly, there is an increase in blood circulation to the extremities.  

- Increased heart rate

When living with diabetes, there is an increased chance of heart disease. A daily dip in a hot tub causes an increase in temperature, which in turn causes an increase in pulse. The increase is like that of mild exercise, making it very beneficial to those with limited mobility. Increased heart rate means that there is better blood flow and lower blood pressure, reducing the chance of heart disease to those at risk.

- Low impact exercise

People with type-2 diabetes may be limited in the exercise they can do. A hot tub is the perfect place to add low impact exercise into the day. When soaking in a hot tub, the body adjusts to the water pressure and reduces body weight by 85-90%. As a result, there is less pressure on muscles and joints and therefore allows for pain-free movement and exercise.

- Improved sleep

Research has shown that lack of sleep and sleep disorders can cause glucose resistance and is often an issue for those with prediabetes or type-2 diabetes. Adding a nighttime soak to your wind down routine speeds up the body’s natural cool-down process, which boosts the production of melatonin, resulting in a better night’s sleep.


Adding a Beachcomber Hot Tub to your home creates a health haven. It helps ease the pressure of managing type-2 diabetes, while creating a happier, healthier life.

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*The information in this article should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. Consults with qualified professionals are strongly recommended.