Why Beachcomber: Unparalleled Comfort

Why Beachcomber: Unparalleled Comfort

A Beachcomber Hot Tub takes relaxation to the next level. There are many reasons to choose a Beachcomber when investing in a hot tub, and one of them is the unparalleled comfort. We design our tubs with the human body in mind, incorporating several features that levels up your rejuvenation. 

Hot Tub Design

When designing a Beachcomber Hot Tub, we wanted to ensure that it caters to everyone’s needs. We created our tubs with the human form in mind, incorporating different seating options, jet placements, and contours.

The ergonomic seating ensures that you can immerse yourself deeper into your hot tub, and you are guaranteed comfort and mobility during your soak with no barriers between seats. The elbow recesses that allow you to rest your weary arms make this better. This feature means you can get a maximum rest while soaking in your hot tub.

Some of our hot tub models also feature a form-fitting lounger, meaning you can experience an ultimate hydrotherapeutic massage along your spine and calf muscles. This feature takes your hot tub soak to the next level and the head rests, which are moulded and positioned into the acrylic shell, make it even more comfortable.

Targeted Massage

At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we provide targeted, perfectly pulsating, and relaxing massages. The positioning of FLEXJETS™ throughout the hot tub allows for different areas of the body to experience deep relaxation and relief.

The Vertasage™ Neck Massage is a series of FLEXJETS™ designed to knead the muscles gently, reducing stress and pain. Neck pain can result from stress, sleeping in a bad position, or intense workouts - a neck massage from a Beachcomber Hot Tub can make all that wash away.

Your tired feet can benefit from the comfort of the Reflex Foot Massage™ in a Beachcomber Hot Tub. This series of FLEXJETS™ provides your feet with a deep, therapeutic massage that will reduce tension and improve circulation throughout your body.


The combination of these massaging properties with the ergonomic design and deep seating of the hot tub guarantees an unparalleled comfort experience. This is something that makes Beachcomber Hot Tubs one of the best options on the market. Take your relaxation to the next level and experience luxury at home every day.